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After my dad was in Sunnybrook Hospital with a traumatic brain injury your whole team helped us immensely. My first impression of your firm was great in that your conversation with me was about my dad’s recovery and the process rather than the compensation figure my dad would receive. You set us up with a professional rehabilitation team that helped my dad recover from this terrible injury. At the end of the day you obtained a settlement that will help take care of my dad’s future care needs.  I would recommend to anybody that suffers an injury in a car accident. All members of your team have been a pleasure to deal with.

-Rita Williams(Toronto, Ontario)

Your firm took on my case when 6 others firms rejected it. One lawyer believed that any claim that I made would be taken to trial and that I have no chance of winning. Your team evaluated my case and believed it was winnable. They believed that I was entitled to compensated after I slipped and fell, causing fractures in my knee and my wrist.  The insurance company settled the claim without a trial. I believe that the settlement was fair and was even better than Eric predicted at the beginning of the process. Thanks You for helping me recover the losses I have suffered due to these injuries.

-Derek Wong(Markham, Ontario)

Thank You for taking on my family’s case when others said that my family’s injuries were too minor. No other firm believed that our soft-tissue injuries warrant compensation when these injuries were playing havoc in our life. The physiotherapist Phil that you set-up with was amazing in helping us recover. Your team helped us achieve a fair settlement for our pain and suffering.

-Andrew Sharma (Scarborough, Ontario)

My son was involved in a horrible car accident which left him with a broken ribs and a broken arm. At the beginning the insurance company was nice to us but as months went on they started to deny my son’s benefits and treated him like a liar when his pain was persistent and legitimate. After your firm took over the insurance company started taking my son’s case seriously. At the end of the day your team settled the accident benefits and the tort claim efficiently, achieving fair compensation in the process.

-Louisa F (Brighton, Ontario)


Thank You for fighting the good fight for me. Your team helped me in recovering the benefits that I was entitled too. Every member of your team took care of my case as they were dealing with one of their family members. At the end of the day the settlement that you negotiated with the insurance company was more than fair in my perspective.I would recommend your firm to any of my friends in the case they are injured in an accident.  

-Chris Wichard  (Oshawa, Ontario)

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