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One of the most horrifying and complex physical injuries one can suffer is an impairment to the spinal cord. The spinal cord is the key component of the as the Central Nervous System. The spinal cord consists of bones (vertebrae) that protects a system of nerves underneath. An injury to the spinal cord could result in a loss of function that is frequently total/ partial paralysis or is a lack of physical sensation in one’s body parts.

A complete spinal cord injury is where the accident victim has no feeling, function or sensation below the level of the of where the trauma occurred on the spinal cord. An incomplete spinal cord injury frequently features a compression of or an injury to the spinal cord which may cause bowel or bladder problems such as incontinence, trouble identifying heat or cold and/or a pins and needles sensation in one’s arms or legs.

Insurance companies often do not take seriously the impact that an incomplete spinal cord injury can have on the victim. Even though the person may recover from an incomplete spinal cord injury one may still face challenges in their day-day living such as constant pain or trouble returning to their old job. Our lawyers make sure that these victims be taken seriously by the insurance company and properly compensated for their injury.

Modern medicine has allowed for major breakthroughs in the treatment and rehabilitation of victims of spinal injuries. It is often necessary for a victim of a serious spinal cord injury to need expensive treatments, extensive long term physical rehabilitation with professionals and long-term care by a professional or a family member. In the majority of cases the insurance companies will fight to reduce the amount needed for one to try to recover, or reject the funding completely needed for one’s recovery. At Mario Cariati  we have lawyers that have extensive experience in assisting victims of spinal cord injuries, and truly understand what these victims are going through. Our lawyers will not only make sure that the insurance company provides the proper funding for your recovery and that you are properly compensated for your injuries, but also make sure that you have a proper support network in place to help you best recover from your injury.

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