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For many accident victims injuries that are acute after the accident can develop into chronic pain and cause havoc in the victim’s lives. The problem with chronic pain patients is that when the chronic pain is due to soft tissue injuries that are not apparent on imaging studies(X-Ray, MRI or CT Scan) it becomes hard to treat and  hard to prove. Very often we see insurers treat these victims unfairly, painting the victims as fraudsters trying to access insurance money. At Mario Cariati we have lawyers that are experienced with chronic pain cases, that not only have achieved fair settlements for chronic pain sufferers but who also have taken chronic pain cases to trial when the insurers did not offer fair compensation. Our lawyers understand the type of evidence that is needed to achieve fair compensation for someone suffering for chronic pain. We understand that chronic pain can be debilitating on your day-day life. We can work with your medical care providers and expert medical examiners to properly record your chronic pain to present it to the insurance to achieve maximum compensation for you.

If you need a lawyer that truly understands what impact chronic pain has on an accident victim’s life and that can properly present it to the insurance company to obtain maximum compensation then contact Mario Cariati for a free consultation.   

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