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Serious brain injuries are difficult to treat which can lead to a complex litigation issues. The team at Mario Cariati has lawyers on their team which have extensive experience assisting victims of brain injuries. We will make sure that not only will you receive the best legal team in the business but also the best care to help one recover from a serious brain or spinal cord injury. We work with some of the best medical facilities in Toronto to help our clients get the care they need following a traumatic injury, while getting medical reports from the top specialists to help substantiate our clients cases.

When one suffers with a brain injury after an accident, they may feel normal, and may also look physically healthy and seem normal during a short conversation. Often people in the victim’s life do not understand the impact of an injury which is not symptomatically apparent. After an accident most people’s attention is to the physical component of any injury one may have suffered, such as cuts to the skin or fractures of the bone. This often leaves a victim of brain injury without support since their injury is not truly understood by their family, coworkers and friends.

When one suffers a closed brain injury, person is often adversely affected which is not always noticeable or properly diagnosed after the accident. Personality changes, memory, loss, and mood are often affected in complex ways that is not fully understood by medical science. These complicated difficulties can linger into debilitating obstacles for the victim’s life. This can lead to long-term impact to the victim’s quality of life, future income and relationships. If you or your loved has suffered a brain injury in accident contact Mario Cariati for a free consultation from a lawyer that has years of experience in dealing with complexities and nuances that come with most forms of brain injuries.

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